Monitored Antivirus

Protect Your Devices with Conex’s Monitored Antivirus Solution
Are you tired of dealing with constant viruses, pop-ups, ransomware, malware, and unwanted programs on your Windows device? Conex offers an enterprise-grade antivirus solution to protect your computer and keep it secure.

With our Monitored Antivirus service, you can trust that your device is being defended against all types of digital threats. Our team will install and configure the software to ensure optimal performance, and we’ll continuously monitor your system scan reports to quickly address any issues that arise.

Starting at just $8 per month per computer, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your device is protected without having to worry about software expirations or unwanted upgrades.

Contact us to get Monitored Antivirus on your computer today.

Get started with Conex’s Monitored Antivirus today and enjoy world-class protection for your device, based in New Zealand and trusted globally.