Prodigi Technology Services Announces Strategic Acquisition of Conex

Prodigi Technology Services Ltd1, led by Dan Faulknor, is proud to announce the acquisition of Conex2, an established IT solutions provider that has been expertly managed by Chris and Claire Muller for 17 years. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both businesses, initiated in a unique manner – through the Geekzone forums3.

The partnership originated when Chris Muller connected with Dan Faulknor on Geekzone, responding to a job posting by Prodigi. This was built upon a long-standing familiarity, dating back to around 2003 on the PressF1 forums, underlining the deep-rooted connections within the New Zealand IT community.

Chris Muller, in a recent letter to Conex customers, expressed his thoughts on the acquisition: “Claire and I have decided to transition Conex to Prodigi Technology Services Ltd after 17 years. This move is in the best interest of Conex and our customers.”

He added, “Prodigi shares our enthusiasm for technology and customer service. We’re certain that under Prodigi’s direction, the quality of service and customer care you’ve come to expect from Conex will only get better.”

Dan Faulknor discussed the integration and future plans: “Chris is joining our engineering team, where he’ll continue supporting his Conex clients and help us extend MSP-style support to our existing and future Prodigi customers.”

“This acquisition is a union of shared visions and values in delivering high quality IT solutions. Conex clients will see improved response times and a broader range of services. Additionally, Prodigi customers will now benefit from Conex’s excellent helpdesk services,” Faulknor elaborated.

Reassuring customers, Muller stated, “In my new role at Prodigi, I’ll ensure you receive the same personal service, now supported by a larger team for a more comprehensive IT support experience.”

Addressing the transition, Faulknor noted, “We’re tackling the challenge of a seamless service transfer head-on, excited by the growth and customer service enhancements this merger brings.”

Wrapping up his letter to Conex customers Muller expressed his gratitude: “I’m immensely thankful for your trust and support over the years. Joining Prodigi, I’m excited to continue serving you with the same dedication and to offer the enhanced capabilities of our combined team.”

Faulknor concluded with enthusiasm, “Bringing Conex into the Prodigi family is more than just business; it’s about uniting our shared passion for tech and our commitment to our customers. It’s an exciting step forward, giving us the chance to offer a wider range of IT services and really step up our game for everyone in New Zealand.”

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